Strike Force Heroes 4

Features of Strike Force Heroes 4

The game is simply putting spectacular. The maps are extremely well done, and the options and menu suggestions from extremely easy to understand. The graphics are a highlight as well as sound effects. Everything from this game is attracting you to play it as much as possible. In addition, an attractive thing about Heroes Strike Force 4 is the wealth of content and a variety of weapons that can be used in the game.

All kinds of unique weapons and a lot of them are extremely powerful. You have at your disposal more than 65 types of weapons can be unlocked after completing a level. Enthusiasts shooting game will definitely enjoy every task.

=====>>>>>>  You can click here to play Strike Force Heroes 4.

This is a great shooter game produced by Sky9 Games. In this game, players will be part of a lot of action, shooting and great strategies that are required to complete the task that lies in wait. The game includes two modes. The first mode is made from the Campaign. The Campaign is easy to implement as long as you have the necessary weapons and a skilled team.


The team includes soldiers from which you can choose. Also, the weapons can be unlocked after completing the task. They can be purchased from the store in exchange for the money that you earn after completing the task, or if you are a lucky person, you can get unique weapons and extremely powerful play in the slot machines.

The game modes including Challenge. This section is one of the most difficult games. You must have a death match where you have to prove your skills to survive and to finish the level. Your skills will be unlocked after different tasks and they can be bought in exchange for your soldiers.

The game is all about killing or you will be killed. There are also other tasks: it is gain flag from the enemies. In some levels, you have to make 20- 30 kills to complete it, in others you have to collect up to 100 points to complete the level, and at some level all you have to do is to gather as many flags as possible. In some missions, you can completely rely on their soldiers. There are tasks that you do not have to lift a finger to win, but there are tasks that your soldiers are good for nothing and you have to make the whole battle on your own.

How to play Strike Force Heroes 4

The game is simple at first. The first level is very simple to make, but when you start in the game and go higher difficulty levels, the game will simply be crazy. You will have to use all your soldiers, weapons and skills to complete the levels without too severely damaged.

However, everything depends on how good you are. If you noticed in the first level, you will be able to learn faster and to adapt quickly to new situations and obstacles that will make their appearance in the higher levels.

Control of the game is quite simple. For the movement, you can select the arrow keys or WASD keys. The mice are used for target enemies and shoot them. The weapons can be switched between them in a battle with the Shift key. Once you advance in the game, you’ll start to unlock various abilities like kill- streak. These capabilities can be enabled on the field with the E key or Ctrl.

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Farm Story™


Please note: farm Story ™ is an online game. Your device must have an active internet connection to play.
Farm -Story-1
Please note that Farm Story ™ is free to play, but you can buy items in applications with real money.To remove this feature on your phone in the menu settings-> General-> restrictions option. You can then simply turn off the in-application purchase under “permission” content. In addition, Farm Story ™ can link with the social media services like Facebook, and will have a Storm8 access your information through such services.

-Trees on 150 delicious fruits, veggies, and beautiful flowers.
-Design and decorate your farm with trees, fences, and buildings.
-Visit real neighbors to see the crops grow.
-Take pictures of your farm and share with your friends on Facebook.
-Free updates with new fruits, flowers, plants, buildings, decorations, animals, and more every week!
-It is free!

Farm -Story-2
 Farm Story  reached Top 1 in the App Store. ** Welcome to Farm Story ™ where you and your friends can grow fruits, raise farm animals, and decorate the most beautiful farms! Farm Story ™ includes free updates with new fruits, decorations, animals, and more every week!

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=>>Papa Louie 1

Papa Louie 1

Overview of the game

Papa Louie game brings a lot of action and test your skills on the exact time and explore. Players have the chance to hit with batons and pepper bombing on mutations that feed terrorism multi-grain fields, and there is no right strategy mutant foods may terminate the business. Across his rescue mission Papa Louie will find coins scattered around the entire stage. These coins are difficult to detect and require you to explore the entire scene, because they can be very useful for them can be used to buy items from the store.

The game consists of different foods and items related mainly to the kitchen and this game can be great for people who love food and cooking, the theme of the game is based on food and if you want to beat your food to Papa Louie then will do it for you when you walk around with weapons and special items to help him in his task, this is what Papa Louie carry around –

Bat Pizza – pizza trusty bat Papa Louie, which he used to make pizza. Now he must smash the evil mutant food with it.


Pepper Bomb – One of the ingredients used in daily cooking routine but this time bomb pepper acts as a grenade that can destroy food horrible mutants. The objective is quite difficult to use because it can cause harmful effects to the enemy too well Papa Louie threw it wisely is the best plan.

Control of the game

Right Arrow keys – Move to the right Papa Louie
Left Arrow keys – Moves left Papa Louie
Arrow keys – To select the pizza box
“Z” key – To use the stick pizza
Space bar – Make Papa Louie Space Jump will make him keep surfing
“X” key – Press the “X” button will make Papa Louie used pepper bombs on enemies.

Papa Louie

Chef Hat – Papa Louie wearing chef hats with pride as he loves to serve his people good food. Chef hats no ordinary hat can help Papa Louie it to skim a long distance.

Papa Louie battle between monsters and modified food, Papa Louie slammed into a different set of enemies as.

Mutant Pizza – The deadly pizza horrible monsters will rise from an innocent looking pizza boxes and sticky cheese will spit from their mouths can ensnare Papa Louie and prevent their actions in a while short. Papa Louie has to ensure that he is not trapped by the cheese or else it can be very harmful in the wrong situation. To avoid the deadly spits, Papa Louie can use your pizza stick to deflect the cheese to the monster, which will turn it into a regular pizza.


Submarine Sandwich – There goes the world submarine sandwich, which roam around and can be very annoying to kill as hitting them once will not be effective because there are three pieces of each sandwich. So do not forget to hit them three times before moving forward.

Papa Louie – he is the chef and owner of Papa pizzeria. He is for free pizza for every tenant in his building but his free treatment to go somehow different than he expected. His mouth watering delicious pizza pizza is becoming mutant monsters that traps people in multi-county areas. It was in Papa Louie to save all the tenants have been taken hostage and to find out who is responsible for this sinister plan.

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Papa’s Pizzeria

Overview of the game

Papa’s Pizzeria is currently run by Roy and the players need to help him satisfy customers and earn tips by making customers happy. The objective of the game is to earn a certain amount each day, and not doing so will lead to lose the game. The game offers great excitement because it provides a rush situation in completing a challenge.

Failing to ensure customers can lower earnings. Not only the players will need to perform the role of a waiter, but also a chef. Each customer will place different types of pizza, so the players are required to perform the exact formula for each order. Recipesfor each of the pizza is very different from each other, to cook a pizza players will have to do the following.


Toppings – A pizza toppings requires to make it delicious anddepending on the order of the customer, you need to set the precise topping pizza and a single mistake in the surface layer can reduce your income .
Oven – no chef in the world can bake the pizza without oven. The furnace can handle up to 4 pizzas. Different customers prefer different amounts of bread, pizza and grill may not satisfy customers. Therefore, players must keep an eye on the time at all times to ensure that the pizza does not get overbaked.
Anddepending serves a arts -Cooking how the players serve customers, youwill get ranked based on its quality. Depending on the order of the customer, you will be required to cut a whole pizza slices to 4-8 and you have to cut the pizza nice to avoid making customers happy.

Pizzeria Papa gain points by playing marvelous serve each dish. If the food is better, the chances of getting a good strong points as well as increasing the attraction of more customers in the store to get a slice of delicious pizza. Assessment of the score depends on four important factors.


Wait – How long each customer must wait to get their desired order. Therefore, a faster delivery will certainly increase the chances to get good score.
Topping – Whether pizza sauce into line with their order, by decorating and putting accuracy in pizza topping, you will increase your chances of getting a good score.
Cut – Cut slices of pizza exactly have a great effect on scores or your advice. By providing the right number of slices desired cleanliness of the customer, you will receive extra points.
Baking – Grilled pizza is a key factor in increasing your score. Pizza exactly will that affect the taste of the pizza and the customers will punch you.

Control overview

Papa’s Pizzeria controls are fairly simple, it only requires the mouse to play the game that players will need to drag and drop items to operate and control the game.

Pizza Papa always filled with customers because he offers mouthwatering delicious pizza, as a head chef Papa Louie need to go to an urgent task, so in the absence of Roy delivery boy he put in charge stores and players as an assistant to help Roy to run the store. Unlike previous brand Papa Louie this game is for those who love simulations. Papa Pizzeria themes give players a strong impression to work in a pizzeria.

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My Dolphin Show

This is a very interesting game. Ban will experience trials along with the pig is worth paying waist patch and smart. It helps you to relieve the fatigue HYA those bored. With the game extremely interesting repository of hcusng me you will discover a lot of different unique games.
Click to Play My Dolphin Show
Hotkey Controls

Hotkey controls in My Dolphin Show is quite simple, but it is necessary to perform your tricks and achieve your goals. Use the up, down, left, and right arrow keys, your steering dolphins and abroad to jump through hoops, beach balls nose-tap, or jump on the high beams. Do not forget to collect the fish and stars between stunts!

About Dolphin Show My

In My Dolphin Show, you play as a cute little dolphin! The game has two modes – Standard Show and Showtime. Standard mode is a mode designed for beginner players. its similar to a manual mode, where you can begin to learn the basic important functions and how to play the game. In this mode, your audience is small, so you can focus primarily on the implementation of the stunts and hit your targets successfully.

The Showtime mode is slightly more difficult. In this mode, the stunts and the goals are much more difficult, and the audience is significantly larger. You are the center of everyone’s attention, and your goal is to captivate the audience by performing tricks and achieve goals that you think is impossible!



Complete stunts, nailed your goal, and your audience into ecstasy will not leave you empty-handed in My Dolphin Show. In fact, by doing all of these, as well as tasty food fish throwing the audience into your tank, will help you get star score points. These stars will help you later on to unlock new items in the shop game different.


Game Shop

Once you’ve collected enough stars, the items in the game store will start unlocking. This position includes mainly leather different dolphin that you can use throughout your program.

Standard color gray dolphins (you start this game with dolphins)
Beautiful pink-colored dolphins
Grey and blue dolphin colored-
black dolphin
Orange and yellow striped dolphins
And much, much more.
Be careful when you decide to use a different dolphin. While you can still earn countless stars from each program, when you choose a new dolphins, you also spend your stars! Some dolphins you may want to save your star to be able to buy later!
You’ve never seen a dolphin program? Get up close and personal with this amazing flash game, where you play as a well-trained dolphins! Perform stunts, jump through hoops, and wow the audience!

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The Earn To Die 4 is a fun online game and with the help of the tips above, you will be able to reach a new stage with ease. The game combines the thrill of racing games and satisfaction dealing with zombie mayhem. So if you like to play similar games then earned To Die 4 is sure to keep you captivated. So, have a blast while playing this entertaining game.

>> << Play Earn To Die 4

Control of the game is simple! You just use the arrow keys to control your car. The key is to speed up while the left and right keys of the vehicle to tilt. You can also use the WASD keys to move instead of the arrow keys. Ctrl key must be used for the Boost.

There are three available cars in the garage, but only the first one is unlocked. The remaining two will be unlocked when you reach a new stage in the game. The upgrade of the car is not locked will be announced at once, and you have to upgrade your new car from scratch. The previous upgrade can not be transferred to the new car that you unlock. As the first car is concerned; listed below are a number of upgrades that you can buy from the game to the car:


The 7.0L diesel engines already installed in your car. You can upgrade it to 7.5L diesel or 8.0L Diesel engine. Two engines are available for $ 800 and $ 2,500 respectively.
Transmission: 4-Speed gearbox A presence in your car. Two other upgrades that are available are 5-speed gearbox and 6-speed gearbox. The gearbox is available for $ 900 and $ 3,000 respectively.
Wheels: Your current car HT R24 Wheels. You can upgrade to R28 wheel R35 AT and MT. These upgrades can be purchased for $ 500 and $ 1,800 respectively.
Zombie Kit: Now you can buy iron Ram from Zombie Kit for $ 1,000.
Gun: A Heavy Machine Gun can be purchased for $ 2000. This gun will allow you to shoot zombies quickly.
Increase: The hyperjet Thruster can be purchased for $ 1,300 to promote your game. The increase will make your game easier.
Fuel: If you need to increase the fuel in your car then add them for $ 100, and continue to add more as you progress in the game and earn game currency. Moreover, keeping a track of fuel your vehicle when it was over so quickly.

Earn To Die 4 will take you through an adventurous trip, where you will come across some zombies. The Earn To Die series began in Desert Dash, and after moving to different places in the map now you have reached the Hills forget. Places earlier in the map as red Cactus Canyon Ride and can be played in the previous part of the game. Here are some revealing to the game that has made the most of the gamers engrossed to their screens.

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Earn To Die 1

Here are some strategies that you can use to quickly reach a new stage:

Use the accelerator carefully because you have very little fuel in the car.
Fuel savings will allow you to kill more zombies. So, try to use your money on buying more fuel than any other accessories.
When the first ride is done, start saving money to buy the next car.
The game can be enjoyed through the various stages, and it is very engrossing as you keep reaching new levels. So get ready to get behind the wheel and try to achieve the much anticipated Super Wheel

>> Play Earn To Die 1 <<

Money will allow you to unlock new vehicles and customize each vehicle with a range of great upgrade. There are several modes in the game and they can be unlocked after you complete the first mode. For example, the Challenge mode can be played only after you’ve completed the story mode.

The game begins with the first day where you have $ 500 coins in the game and you have to purchase the same vehicle.

Small Hatchback car can be purchased for $ 500.
The Old Good Pickup car can be purchased for $ 25,000.
The Cool heavy trucks can be purchased for $ 200,000.
As you have $ 500 in cash in the beginning, you can buy small Hatchback car and start playing. There are a number of accessories are provided in the garage for your car and depending on the type of in-game currency that you earn, you can buy them. List of accessories have been discussed below:

Your fuel tank has very little fuel in the first part of the game. You can upgrade the fuel tank by buying it for a minimum quantity. The upgrade started with $ 20, $ 60, $ 140, and so on.
The “wheel 13 has been present in your car. There are options to increase the wheel size of 25” and 37 “for $ 50 and $ 500, respectively. Thus, you can do this when you continue progress in the game.
On the box, you’ve got TV FWD. FWD and 4WD sport Sports can be purchased for $ 200 and $ 3,000 respectively.
Boost is an additional fuel source that is available for $ 1,500.
HP Stock Engine 75 is already in your car. You can buy 100 HP and 120 HP V6 Engine L6 Engine for $ 150 and $ 2,500 respectively, after you earn some cash game by solving lesser degree.
The Old Good Rifle can be purchased for $ 2,300.


The controls of the game is easy. You must use the arrow keys to control the car.

The keys should be used up to speed.
The key to be used for braking.
The left and right key for Tilt.

Earn to Die is an engrossing game that you need to drive your car through the zombie disaster. In this series, you’ll be smashing through a group of zombies that come your way. With each new day, you can earn cash; the in-game currency.

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Shopping Cart Hero 2

Just like in the original version 2  this is also a creative on old childhood. Favorite excitement pushing a shopping cart through a parking lot to reach the maximum speed and then jump on for the ride exhilarating.
Similar to the original, Shopping Cart Hero 2 puts a creative spin on the old favorite Childhood excitement of pushing a shopping cart through a parking lot to Reach max speed then jumping on for the exhilarating ride.


At the end of each jump (or round), your score is calculated based on a few things: distance, height, tricks performed, and style. The higher your score, the more money you will receive to be able to purchase better upgrades.


There are websites available for Shopping Cart Hero 2 that has hacked into the game to make some changes. These changes allow for easier game playing; for instance, one hack provides all upgrades available free.


The object of the game is the same as that in the original Shopping Cart Hero: push your cart as fast as you can down the hill, jump in, and take off through the air. Make your cart go as high as you can, and as far as you can, without crashing causing you to kill yourself or your groupies.

Click Here to play Shopping Cart Hero 2


This version has a couple settings you can adjust. You can toggle the sound on or off, as well as adjust the graphics quality between high and low. Whatever suits your needs and computer’s abilities


Right arrow key – Run forward
Up arrow key – Jump/Get In cart
Right and Left arrow key – balance cart while airborne



Shopping Cart Hero 2 has many new upgrades available for you to purchase with your winnings at the end of each round. They are:

Solid Golden Cart – gives you +0.5 style points
Hang Glider – an air trick – requires Solid Golden Cart + Bat
Dumpster – provides -0.2 style points
Rockets #4 – Requires Dumpster + Rockets #3
Dumpster Dive – an air trick – Requires Dumpster + Bat
Football Helmet – provides +0.5 style points on crashing (however, if you crash, you must repurchase this upgrade)
Sombrero – gives you +0.1 style
Propeller Beanie Hat – gives you 0.1 style and 0.1 lift
Baseball Hat
Wheelie – ground trick
Handstand Wheelie – ground trick
Pole Vault – ground trick – Requires Bat
Round Wheels – gives you x1.2 rolling speed
Rockets – gives a little more speed/boost going down hills
Groupie – gives +0.3 style points
Up-N-Out – air trick
Superman – air trick
Up-N-Out – air trick
Handstand – air trick
Some of these upgrades will remain permanent – for instance, some of the tricks. Others however, once purchased, will show a new type of upgradable item in its place. The wheels, for instance, when you purchase the first upgrade – Round Wheels – will then change to Rubber Wheels for its next upgrade. Additionally, there are upgrades that you purchase that does not upgrade to something better, but you can lose and need to repurchase – like the Football Helmet. If you use the Football Helmet, and crash, you will lose that upgrade and need to repurchase it to receive its bonuses again.

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Duck Life 4

Last year, after organizing competitions and was very successful, people have learned that genetic changes ducks join the race and Chie took the prize in the competition this year is not acceptable, and has banned changes since entering the race! What happens now?
Dive into this live ducks 4 ducks create different shots, stronger, more experienced to fight with the ducks into arch domestic championship, the factored form of world-class racing ducks.
Click to play Duck Life 4

About Duck Life 4
Therefore, we will be the ones against the rules of the race if training Evolutionary duck. We trained ducks agile, responsive and more intelligent to compete and win against the world champions!
In this version of Duck 4, you need to help our ducks with 3 skills and most basic necessity, running speed, strength, and reflexes. In this version of the set will be classified differently from previous versions, such as the training and competition. To train your duck, we have to talk to coach running. He will help us improve our ducks speed, reliability, and reflected through a series of exercises.

Once we’ve trained enough, we can then speak to the next duckling, one who wants to test our skills by racing against us! As in the last versions, we also have access to an in- game store where we can purchase cute costumes. However, this time we can even purchase new ducks!


In addition to training and competing against a really fast racer, we can also compete in tournaments. These tournaments are designed to test our skills and by winning each tournament, we can earn amazing prizes – including cash! However, the downfall is that there are no breaks allowed during the tournaments, although we can change ducks for each tournament we want to participate in – so if I have a duckling that is really good at something, but not so good at other things, I can switch them out!

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Core Masters

According to the latest news, hit MOBA games from Korea, Core Masters has officially opened a closed beta test in the Japanese market. It is reported that this test phase, two game modes Deathmatch and Team Casual will be included in the next capital Competitive mode. But in the meantime, has not had any news of the opening of the English version of this MOBA.


Core Masters is one of the few games from Korea but the plot is English. The game will focus on two types of battles are Free For All (rated free) and rated 4v4 also will not have towers along the road looks like a MOBA game still see instead is the Hero must fight against each other on the road with only a few works deep within the enemy called Core to the opposing faction players to break and end the game.


Obviously, Core Masters is a something new strokes than food titles by category of MOBA DOTA legend.

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