Strike Force Heroes 4

Features of Strike Force Heroes 4

The game is simply putting spectacular. The maps are extremely well done, and the options and menu suggestions from extremely easy to understand. The graphics are a highlight as well as sound effects. Everything from this game is attracting you to play it as much as possible. In addition, an attractive thing about Heroes Strike Force 4 is the wealth of content and a variety of weapons that can be used in the game.

All kinds of unique weapons and a lot of them are extremely powerful. You have at your disposal more than 65 types of weapons can be unlocked after completing a level. Enthusiasts shooting game will definitely enjoy every task.

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This is a great shooter game produced by Sky9 Games. In this game, players will be part of a lot of action, shooting and great strategies that are required to complete the task that lies in wait. The game includes two modes. The first mode is made from the Campaign. The Campaign is easy to implement as long as you have the necessary weapons and a skilled team.


The team includes soldiers from which you can choose. Also, the weapons can be unlocked after completing the task. They can be purchased from the store in exchange for the money that you earn after completing the task, or if you are a lucky person, you can get unique weapons and extremely powerful play in the slot machines.

The game modes including Challenge. This section is one of the most difficult games. You must have a death match where you have to prove your skills to survive and to finish the level. Your skills will be unlocked after different tasks and they can be bought in exchange for your soldiers.

The game is all about killing or you will be killed. There are also other tasks: it is gain flag from the enemies. In some levels, you have to make 20- 30 kills to complete it, in others you have to collect up to 100 points to complete the level, and at some level all you have to do is to gather as many flags as possible. In some missions, you can completely rely on their soldiers. There are tasks that you do not have to lift a finger to win, but there are tasks that your soldiers are good for nothing and you have to make the whole battle on your own.

How to play Strike Force Heroes 4

The game is simple at first. The first level is very simple to make, but when you start in the game and go higher difficulty levels, the game will simply be crazy. You will have to use all your soldiers, weapons and skills to complete the levels without too severely damaged.

However, everything depends on how good you are. If you noticed in the first level, you will be able to learn faster and to adapt quickly to new situations and obstacles that will make their appearance in the higher levels.

Control of the game is quite simple. For the movement, you can select the arrow keys or WASD keys. The mice are used for target enemies and shoot them. The weapons can be switched between them in a battle with the Shift key. Once you advance in the game, you’ll start to unlock various abilities like kill- streak. These capabilities can be enabled on the field with the E key or Ctrl.

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