Papa Louie 1

Overview of the game

Papa Louie game brings a lot of action and test your skills on the exact time and explore. Players have the chance to hit with batons and pepper bombing on mutations that feed terrorism multi-grain fields, and there is no right strategy mutant foods may terminate the business. Across his rescue mission Papa Louie will find coins scattered around the entire stage. These coins are difficult to detect and require you to explore the entire scene, because they can be very useful for them can be used to buy items from the store.

The game consists of different foods and items related mainly to the kitchen and this game can be great for people who love food and cooking, the theme of the game is based on food and if you want to beat your food to Papa Louie then will do it for you when you walk around with weapons and special items to help him in his task, this is what Papa Louie carry around –

Bat Pizza – pizza trusty bat Papa Louie, which he used to make pizza. Now he must smash the evil mutant food with it.


Pepper Bomb – One of the ingredients used in daily cooking routine but this time bomb pepper acts as a grenade that can destroy food horrible mutants. The objective is quite difficult to use because it can cause harmful effects to the enemy too well Papa Louie threw it wisely is the best plan.

Control of the game

Right Arrow keys – Move to the right Papa Louie
Left Arrow keys – Moves left Papa Louie
Arrow keys – To select the pizza box
“Z” key – To use the stick pizza
Space bar – Make Papa Louie Space Jump will make him keep surfing
“X” key – Press the “X” button will make Papa Louie used pepper bombs on enemies.

Papa Louie

Chef Hat – Papa Louie wearing chef hats with pride as he loves to serve his people good food. Chef hats no ordinary hat can help Papa Louie it to skim a long distance.

Papa Louie battle between monsters and modified food, Papa Louie slammed into a different set of enemies as.

Mutant Pizza – The deadly pizza horrible monsters will rise from an innocent looking pizza boxes and sticky cheese will spit from their mouths can ensnare Papa Louie and prevent their actions in a while short. Papa Louie has to ensure that he is not trapped by the cheese or else it can be very harmful in the wrong situation. To avoid the deadly spits, Papa Louie can use your pizza stick to deflect the cheese to the monster, which will turn it into a regular pizza.


Submarine Sandwich – There goes the world submarine sandwich, which roam around and can be very annoying to kill as hitting them once will not be effective because there are three pieces of each sandwich. So do not forget to hit them three times before moving forward.

Papa Louie – he is the chef and owner of Papa pizzeria. He is for free pizza for every tenant in his building but his free treatment to go somehow different than he expected. His mouth watering delicious pizza pizza is becoming mutant monsters that traps people in multi-county areas. It was in Papa Louie to save all the tenants have been taken hostage and to find out who is responsible for this sinister plan.

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