Papa’s Pizzeria

Overview of the game

Papa’s Pizzeria is currently run by Roy and the players need to help him satisfy customers and earn tips by making customers happy. The objective of the game is to earn a certain amount each day, and not doing so will lead to lose the game. The game offers great excitement because it provides a rush situation in completing a challenge.

Failing to ensure customers can lower earnings. Not only the players will need to perform the role of a waiter, but also a chef. Each customer will place different types of pizza, so the players are required to perform the exact formula for each order. Recipesfor each of the pizza is very different from each other, to cook a pizza players will have to do the following.


Toppings – A pizza toppings requires to make it delicious anddepending on the order of the customer, you need to set the precise topping pizza and a single mistake in the surface layer can reduce your income .
Oven – no chef in the world can bake the pizza without oven. The furnace can handle up to 4 pizzas. Different customers prefer different amounts of bread, pizza and grill may not satisfy customers. Therefore, players must keep an eye on the time at all times to ensure that the pizza does not get overbaked.
Anddepending serves a arts -Cooking how the players serve customers, youwill get ranked based on its quality. Depending on the order of the customer, you will be required to cut a whole pizza slices to 4-8 and you have to cut the pizza nice to avoid making customers happy.

Pizzeria Papa gain points by playing marvelous serve each dish. If the food is better, the chances of getting a good strong points as well as increasing the attraction of more customers in the store to get a slice of delicious pizza. Assessment of the score depends on four important factors.


Wait – How long each customer must wait to get their desired order. Therefore, a faster delivery will certainly increase the chances to get good score.
Topping – Whether pizza sauce into line with their order, by decorating and putting accuracy in pizza topping, you will increase your chances of getting a good score.
Cut – Cut slices of pizza exactly have a great effect on scores or your advice. By providing the right number of slices desired cleanliness of the customer, you will receive extra points.
Baking – Grilled pizza is a key factor in increasing your score. Pizza exactly will that affect the taste of the pizza and the customers will punch you.

Control overview

Papa’s Pizzeria controls are fairly simple, it only requires the mouse to play the game that players will need to drag and drop items to operate and control the game.

Pizza Papa always filled with customers because he offers mouthwatering delicious pizza, as a head chef Papa Louie need to go to an urgent task, so in the absence of Roy delivery boy he put in charge stores and players as an assistant to help Roy to run the store. Unlike previous brand Papa Louie this game is for those who love simulations. Papa Pizzeria themes give players a strong impression to work in a pizzeria.

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