Earn To Die 1

Here are some strategies that you can use to quickly reach a new stage:

Use the accelerator carefully because you have very little fuel in the car.
Fuel savings will allow you to kill more zombies. So, try to use your money on buying more fuel than any other accessories.
When the first ride is done, start saving money to buy the next car.
The game can be enjoyed through the various stages, and it is very engrossing as you keep reaching new levels. So get ready to get behind the wheel and try to achieve the much anticipated Super Wheel

>> Play Earn To Die 1 <<

Money will allow you to unlock new vehicles and customize each vehicle with a range of great upgrade. There are several modes in the game and they can be unlocked after you complete the first mode. For example, the Challenge mode can be played only after you’ve completed the story mode.

The game begins with the first day where you have $ 500 coins in the game and you have to purchase the same vehicle.

Small Hatchback car can be purchased for $ 500.
The Old Good Pickup car can be purchased for $ 25,000.
The Cool heavy trucks can be purchased for $ 200,000.
As you have $ 500 in cash in the beginning, you can buy small Hatchback car and start playing. There are a number of accessories are provided in the garage for your car and depending on the type of in-game currency that you earn, you can buy them. List of accessories have been discussed below:

Your fuel tank has very little fuel in the first part of the game. You can upgrade the fuel tank by buying it for a minimum quantity. The upgrade started with $ 20, $ 60, $ 140, and so on.
The “wheel 13 has been present in your car. There are options to increase the wheel size of 25” and 37 “for $ 50 and $ 500, respectively. Thus, you can do this when you continue progress in the game.
On the box, you’ve got TV FWD. FWD and 4WD sport Sports can be purchased for $ 200 and $ 3,000 respectively.
Boost is an additional fuel source that is available for $ 1,500.
HP Stock Engine 75 is already in your car. You can buy 100 HP and 120 HP V6 Engine L6 Engine for $ 150 and $ 2,500 respectively, after you earn some cash game by solving lesser degree.
The Old Good Rifle can be purchased for $ 2,300.


The controls of the game is easy. You must use the arrow keys to control the car.

The keys should be used up to speed.
The key to be used for braking.
The left and right key for Tilt.

Earn to Die is an engrossing game that you need to drive your car through the zombie disaster. In this series, you’ll be smashing through a group of zombies that come your way. With each new day, you can earn cash; the in-game currency.

There will be a lot of other interesting games that we have for you. Take a look at the other articles on our site.

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