Duck Life 4

Last year, after organizing competitions and was very successful, people have learned that genetic changes ducks join the race and Chie took the prize in the competition this year is not acceptable, and has banned changes since entering the race! What happens now?
Dive into this live ducks 4 ducks create different shots, stronger, more experienced to fight with the ducks into arch domestic championship, the factored form of world-class racing ducks.
Click to play Duck Life 4

About Duck Life 4
Therefore, we will be the ones against the rules of the race if training Evolutionary duck. We trained ducks agile, responsive and more intelligent to compete and win against the world champions!
In this version of Duck 4, you need to help our ducks with 3 skills and most basic necessity, running speed, strength, and reflexes. In this version of the set will be classified differently from previous versions, such as the training and competition. To train your duck, we have to talk to coach running. He will help us improve our ducks speed, reliability, and reflected through a series of exercises.

Once we’ve trained enough, we can then speak to the next duckling, one who wants to test our skills by racing against us! As in the last versions, we also have access to an in- game store where we can purchase cute costumes. However, this time we can even purchase new ducks!


In addition to training and competing against a really fast racer, we can also compete in tournaments. These tournaments are designed to test our skills and by winning each tournament, we can earn amazing prizes – including cash! However, the downfall is that there are no breaks allowed during the tournaments, although we can change ducks for each tournament we want to participate in – so if I have a duckling that is really good at something, but not so good at other things, I can switch them out!

See more: Core Masters




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