Dungeon Fighter Online

Such is the impressive action online game Dungeon Fighter Online has officially opened its own server for the Southeast Asian market, making it perfect for gamers Vietnam wants to participate in this game by transmission problems will be improved many times more than the original Korean international or European place. Currently the interested gamers can easily sign up and download the game at home Strike force heroes :
Dungeon Fighter Online
Dungeon Fighter Online gives players the feeling returned to play in the arcade titles in the past. Although the graphics are pretty old ranks, but players can still easily get familiar with Dungeon Fighter Online and you will not be too difficult to differentiate between the characters, NPCs, monsters and obstacles on the dirty.
Dungeon Fighter Online1
As a tight guillotine games played under the horizontal screen, the map of Dungeon Fighter Online is designed with full of monsters. To pass the map supplement (dungeon), players must destroy all monsters on the map to unlock the exit doors complete, go to the next map side. During the migration process, there is a dead-end places, and players will be forced to return to the old road. Still, if your goal is to go to farm money or experience, the discovery of all the corners of the map and is not too confusing.


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