Blosics 2 is a fun filled game involving the block on a
platform. This is a puzzle and physics game that requires keenness for best
results. In order to gain more points, you are required to knock numerous
blocks from the platform within a few turns. In this case you are provided with
green blocks, red blocks and a black metal ball.p5KBVPYD5AU0P

How to play Strike Force Heroes

You are to use the black metal ball to knock the green
blocks off. It is fun as you are to make sure that they go down to the
seemingly endless abyss below. The trick is when you knock off the green blocks
you gain points unlike when you knock the red ones as you loss points.blosics_8204

Essence of the game

There are ten levels to be completed but only one ball is to
be used to complete each level. You can choose a bigger ball as you progress
though it will be costly. You can also prevent the red blocks from falling off.



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