Crush the Castle 4

  • Be heroic and survive in Strike Force Heroes 2Is the medieval period an interesting setting in an entertainment medium? Is it because of the setting and way of life? Is it about the chivalry and kingdom? There is no right or wrong answer but there are two keypoints.3-home
  • One is because of the setting and vibe which is about kingdom and the way of life that mesmerize most of us. Second is the King, Queen and servant as the usual character from this era which most young minds dream to be when they grow up. It may happen or not but there is an alternative way to experience this period in the flash game called Crush the Castle 4.4-5
  • Since this is already the fourth offering, one can expect for more entertainment and added challenge. The player will still do the job of the Siege Master who will follow the orders from King Redvonian.    pc7v4nx1en14i
  • You will have to use the trebuchet and weapons in aiming and shooting the target castles and destroy them as quick as possible.Kill the castles’ people in Crush the Castle 3 If you are interested with this game, just simply search for its main website now!4-3



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