Crash Town

  • Transform the nurse in Pretty Nurse MakeoverAccidents on the streets occur due to the lack of discipline by motorists. Discipline is truly essential in different aspects of life including traffic. If one driver doesn’t follow signs and warnings, it will surely lead to accidents that are either minor or a big onecrash_town___yusei_and_yami_by_lat3mur-d4uwnxs
  • It is integral that motorists are aware of the importance of traffic signs. Discipline can be integrated in different ways or methods.
  • They say that the best way to impose discipline is by raising the awareness to children. And what a perfect way to do that is by letting them play games that incorporates the importance of traffic signs or symbols. One great example is Crash Town.Crash_town
  • This game is about avoid accidents in a town where crashing is constantly occurring. It is the player’s mission to drop and place correct traffic signs into places where most accidents are likely to occur. Green light stands for go and red light stands for stop.
  • By letting the children play this game with the parent’s guidance, they will eventuallyUnleash your passion for speed in Shift 2 become aware about the discipline not only in traffic but also in life.                                                                                                                   YGO5D086

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